Sludge treatment technology

Bioretur provides technology and equipment for sludge treatment in aquaculture. We offer equipment from reputable suppliers that has been well-tested worldwide, and we have assembled it into a tailored and functional interface designed for challenging environments and the demanding nature of fish sludge. We offer modular technology for sludge treatment for both small and large fish farming facilities, whether you require sludge dewatering, sludge drying, or a full-scale treatment plant that handles fish sludge from 0.1% to 90% dry solids in a continuous process without the need for manual labor.

Our customers have the option to purchase and operate the equipment themselves or opt for a service agreement from us, which includes equipment financing, 24/7 operation, maintenance, and sustainable utilization of sludge in a fixed monthly fee.


An ultra-compact facility allows the solution to fit into most locations.


The modular system can be easily adapted to accommodate increased production.


Proven technology developed by Bioretur in collaboration with world-leading industry players.


A fully automated system without the need for manual labor.

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Our sales/engineering team specializes in the field and can answer any questions regarding fish sludge, sludge treatment, and technology. You can find a complete list of employees and contact information here.


Steinar Wasmuth
Phone: +47 906 96 000

Project Engineer

Jan Knudsen
Phone: +47 414 69 307

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