Bioretur specializes in fish sludge management. With hundreds of thousands of hours of experience in operating and maintaining sludge treatment facilities, you can confidently entrust sludge treatment to us. Our operational experts manage sludge treatment facilities for the world’s largest aquaculture companies from our control room. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of data and knowledge about fish sludge through extensive analysis and testing.

This likely means that there’s probably no one else with more practical experience than us at Bioretur in this somewhat narrow and specialized field (yes, we admit we’re sludge enthusiasts).

When you choose a solution from us, as a customer, you can decide:

Purchase sludge treatment equipment from us (browse equipment)
– Standard warranty terms apply
– You can operate the facility yourself or enter a separate operation and maintenance agreement.

Opt for a Bioretur agreement (read more)
– You pay a fixed monthly fee
– Financing of the facility, operation, maintenance, and sustainable sludge management are included. Bioretur assumes all equipment risks during the period.

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