Sludge Management, Aquaculture, Digitalization
  • Complete control within your own dashboard

    As a customer, you receive all data in a clear and informative dashboard, providing you with both real-time and historical data for any reporting needs.

  • Sludge Reporting

    Complete control over sludge quantities and feed-sludge ratio.

  • Nutrients

    Complete control over content, including nutrients and heavy metals, in sludge.

  • Environmental Accounting

    “Complete control over sustainability. With our environmental accounting, the fish farmer gains an overview of factors such as CO2 emissions, NOx, and energy consumption in both transportation and sludge production.

Quantum – All sludge data on our customer portal

Bioretur collects and digitizes data from our locations, making them accessible through a dedicated customer portal. Quantum is a powerful and user-friendly dashboard that, in addition to providing users with full control over facility data, also enables the visualization of historical fluctuations compared to other fixed and variable production parameters.

As a result, all our customers receive periodic overviews including sludge quantities, nutrient content, energy consumption, and CO2 emissions.

  • Tilpasset, direkte rapportering

  • Fleksible dashboards

  • Lett å bruke

  • Full kontroll på data