Drying of fish sludge

Bioretur’s dryer is based on Super Heated Steam (see info box). The dryer ensures the safest and cleanest hygienization of the sludge available in the market. In addition to transforming fish sludge into hygienized and storage-stable powder with 90% dry solids content, Bioretur’s SHS dryer is highly energy-efficient.

Bioretur Super Heated Steam Tørke SHS Tørking av Fiskeslam
  • Fire and explosion safety

    An oxygen-free environment inside the dryer eliminates the risk of fire and explosion.

  • No gas emissions

    The closed drying system means that no gases are released into the environment and atmosphere.

  • Fast drying up to 99% dry solids

    This powerful steam dryer can dry the material up to 99% dry solids within a few seconds.

  • A sterile and hygienized product

    Our SHS dryer is the only one on the market that can guarantee complete sterilization and hygienization of fish sludge based on a closed steam-driven system.

  • Powerful - yet compact

    The dryer is powerful and large enough to handle significant amounts of sludge, but it is built vertically, occupying minimal valuable floor space.

  • Low maintenance

    With few rotating parts, the product is reliable and requires very little maintenance. This means we can guarantee high uptime even with extensive operating hours.

  • Heat recovery

    With a dedicated heat recovery loop, the superheated steam can be utilized for heat recovery. This ensures efficient energy use and minimizes energy waste.

Super Heated Steam

Superheated steam is steam that has been heated to a temperature higher than the boiling point of water at the given pressure. It’s like taking regular steam and giving it an extra boost of heat, without it turning back into water.

Because it’s so hot, superheated steam has excellent drying capabilities. It can dry things very quickly and efficiently, while using less energy than traditional drying methods. It’s also good because it’s a clean, environmentally friendly way to dry things.

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