Equipment for dewatering fish sludge

A Bioretur Sludgemaster dewatering system is practical for small aquaculture facilities and in cases where there is a short transportation distance for utilizing the wet fish sludge. Mechanical dewatering typically takes the material from 0.1 – 20% dry matter in a stepwise process. Sludgemaster consists of well-proven and robust technology from reputable international suppliers. Bioretur has extensive experience and hundreds of thousands of operating hours from its own fish sludge treatment facilities, and therefore, we have assembled and tailored the interface to be highly reliable and require minimal maintenance from the fish farmers’ side.

All our systems are scalable. It’s easy to adapt and expand them over time, for example, if it becomes relevant to dry the sludge, purify the discharge water, or increase the capacity of the sludge treatment plant. The system can be delivered as a turnkey container solution or through customized on-site installation.